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Arrows disable the Elytra


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    toilpX commented

    no. elytras are just never used in pvp and this just gives griefers a way to be a dick.

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    DraguenGames commented

    Elytras can just be removed by plugins/commands, no point on doing it

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    It has a good intention but the tiny elytra hitbox would make that almost impossible. If they made the elytra hitbox bigger than maybe, but then it would not allow for cool tricks like passing through 1 block gaps

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    Darti Sala commented

    Maybe when a player hit another player while using a elytra i think instead of disabling the elytra it should deal a great amount of damage.

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    TrojanHorse69 commented

    Maybe getting hit while flying just does  a lot damage to the durability of the elytra, so getting hit a few times will completely disable it, until you can repair it.

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    Marvel B0i commented

    Id say a fully charged bow or a crossbow should make the elytra harder to steer for a temporary amount of time.

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    Maybe not disable exactly, but knockback or otherwise impair would make sense.

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    JakecraftJ25 commented

    hitting players on elytras with arrows already pretty much disables them by making it go slow and unsteady

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    Vyctorian commented

    This feels abusable, I'd be alright with them slowing down the flight perhaps though even then I feel a system like this would ruin a lot of the fun elytra vs elytra battles people have started doing since crossbow rockets and rocket assisted flight were added.




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    Valiant7000 commented

    NO! If you're willing to risk elytra in PVP, you deserve the easy escape. Who even does that?