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Re-Add Hold to Attack with mouse for accessibility! Edit August 25


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    This is similar to auto-jump and subtitles - not everyone/every platform needs the feature on by default, but for consistency the option should be there. Too op? Slow it down!

    Edit: to be more precise, I would suggest doing hits just before the critical attack happens (190% maybe?) so that the delay is big enough but criticals must be initiated manually.

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    TMDNickk commented

    Slow it down so they don't have an advantage tho.

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    Cole YourCoal commented

    It was removed over popular vote. No need to have an auto-clicker in the game, something that most servers deem bannable at this point in time. I doubt this option will get reverted back, and I hope it doesn't ever.

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    Thomas Buwick commented

    I think keeping it for controllers makes sense, but the auto clicker for everyone makes pvp way to easy. It defeats the purpose of pvp removing a lot of the skill that a lot of players want to have in this update. 

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    If you cant handle the mouse and keyboard get a controller! However, the controller also requires "precise finger movement" to click a button, just like a mouse. You apply downward force to press a button and relieve it to un-press it. 

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    Bringing back the auto clicker would take out a lot of the skill and fun of combat. Keeping it for controllers and touch is great for balancing out combat because people with mouses are way more accurate than controllers/touch screens. As a pvp player who mainly plays on 1.7/1.8 the auto clicker would be great for mobile and console which right now are both extremely difficult to pvp on.

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    NeonRexodus commented

    I honestly don't see how it provides an unfair advantage. Unless the cooldown was removed for those using autoclick it doesn't seem it would give an advantage, especially since the person still has to aim before their next strike or they're vulnerable during the cooldown.

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    Meh Master commented

    Yes. I don't get why people think spam clicking is fun. There is literally nothing fun about it. I hate doing it and combat is much more than just clicking fast. If re-adding hold to attack means that it takes a lot of skill out of the combat, it shows that the combat system is lacking.

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    Have it slowed down, but yes

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    As a PVPer who plays on 1.8, one of the big problems is that CPS effects skill. This shouldn't be the case: You shouldn't need to destroy your finger (and possibly arm) in order to get a advantage.


    Add it back, with no delay.

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    DearerWig commented

    I agree.

    I've had the misfortune of developing carpal tunnel (and early arthritis) at a very young age, and this auto-attack update was the one thing that was finally going to allow me to come back and play PvP: The spam-clicking - as you can imagine - just wasn't sustainable for me.

    And auto-attack is as much an accessibility thing as it is a balancing thing: All players being capable of being on an even playing field is a necessity in any game.

    Imagine if in CoD, players' weapons had less bullet-spread if their IRL eyesight was good, or if in Street Fighter, players did more dmg if their IRL skin was tougher...
    Right now, Minecraft PvP favors people who can consistently click fast (often for long periods of time) without developing any negative side-effects (carpal tunnel, arthritis, fatigue, etc), and that's absolutely relying on genetic things that can't be helped.

    Most games rely on aim or reaction times, which the average person can improve with practice, but likelihood to get a negative ailment is not a thing that can be improved with practice.
    (Sort of tangential, but I don't believe click-speed can be improved through practice, either. You either: have the ability to click fast AND be accurate; or you don't.)

    Please, Mojang: you can balance it however you want; you can add other things to PvP; but please bring back auto-attack and once and for all remove the physical hurdle/advantage of Minecraft PvP!

    Did I mention I play on computer? lol

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    NimaOmid commented

    We Should Have That

    Some People (Like Me) Don't have a good CPS

    Or Some People Don't Play PvP And Only Play Survival

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    Vyctorian commented

    Agreed fully. Accessibility needs to be a concern over perception of advantage. If need be make it a game rule servers can disable, but it need to be default for players who need it but don't know the cheats.




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    I thought I was the only one who liked it :) glad to see it's just a very small minority


    Edit: make it the same as it was before, no making it slower. for some people, it would help with accessibility, which I agree with, but I'd use it for convenience. 

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    Valiant7000 commented

    No, don't. Leave it out. It's an annoying, spammy mechanic. If someone's that impaired, I don't see any conceivable way that this could help them regain a competitive edge in combat. You generally need to be physically and mentally fit to compete with others and win. That's not a bad thing. That's reality. If you're slow, you're slow. The game can't distinguish between disability and lack of skill, and it doesn't need to.

    I feel bad for you if your hands are impaired so that you can't play Minecraft well, but trust me, this won't help you to compete. You need another solution.

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    PureAwsome334 commented

    I think that Mojang should re-add auto-attack as an option enabled by default, similar to auto-jump. I think it's good how it is, I don't think it needs to be slowed down. For those who think auto-attack is too powerful, you can do it too! And if auto-attack isn't re-added, then if you're playing Bedrock Edition, people playing on tablets and controllers will have it, so you'll want it too. And if you have a shield, auto-attack is easy to predict when it will hit, because it is consistent with each hit, so you can easily block the attacks and hit back.

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    YIN117 commented

    I agree!

    I definitely don't think it should be just as fast, but I think attacking at 150% charge while holding attack would be a good in between.

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    YIN117 commented

    Also, I don't think it would necessarily be op to be able to attack at full speed while holding attack, but I think it would take some of the fun out of it if it did. And it would just put you at a disadvantage to not use hold attack, so you would likely just use it. (again taking some of the fun out of it, in my opinion)

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    What if they made an enchantment for weapons allowing you to auto-attack faster?