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We welcome feedback about menus, toggles on menus, buttons on menus, input devices (like touch controls and keyboards), and Minecraft’s interface. How do you play? What would make it better?


in-screen rocker that controls direction (translated post)


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    Add an in-screen rocker in the bedrock version of Minecraft that controls direction, like Netease's Minecraft!

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    Valiant7000 commented
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    I think the D-pad works better. Maybe this could be added as an alternative.

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    PureAwsome334 commented
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    Personally, I think that there should be an option in splitscreen to replace the jump button with one of those, and add 2 buttons (one for attack/destroy, and one for place/use) on the left and right sides of the screen. And have the rocker be used to look around, similar to how a controller works.