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Shield Cooldown on Critical Hit


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    Emeraled345 commented

    I don't think that's a good idea. Because then all people will have to do is jump and land critical hits all the time, this doesn't encourage skill.

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    Darti Sala commented

    There is a warmup when someone deals a critical before the player can deal a critical hit again.

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    A cooldown is better than a direct bypass, so I agree.

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    Doubletoad74 commented

    When fighting with a sword in the second combat test, it takes about a full second to do a critical hit after attacking. That time can be used by whoever is using the shield to attack, throwing away their opponent's combo completely.

    Maybe with faster attacks I wouldn't agree with this post, but since sword attacks were slowed down, I think this is a good idea.

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    toilpX commented

    yeah like the shields from siege.

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    toilpX commented

    emerald345, if this was implemeted it would most likely replace the crit passing shield (and when that shield is hit it will still block that hit; if that makes sense), meaning that all this will do is speed hecc since it forces the shield user out of its safe space. also thats like saying "all you have to do in the old combat system is jump to hit crits, this doesnt encourage skill", if anything jumping makes it harder since it makes it harder to hit your opponent.