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(Bedrock Parity) /tickingarea


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    RomaqRosher commented

    In fact, I wouldn't mind at all having the spawn location be a default auto-created "ticking area" in Bedrock to match Java "spawn chunks", with Bedrock's ability to change & expand the ticking area in Java.

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    tryashtar commented

    You seem to know about the forceload command, but don't seem to know that it is literally the exact same as tickingarea but better.

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    In fact it is not. You won't have crops growing because inside of a forceloaded chunk there are no block ticks if it is outside of an 8 chunk radius from the player. I already verified it for myself by planting wheat, running off 10 chunks and waiting. Even after 1 hour there was no growth.

    The Minecraft wiki has a page with an overview over how this works: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Commands/forceload

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    tryashtar commented

    That has nothing to do with the command itself, rather a disparity in how the versions of the game process loaded chunks.