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Biome Based Illagers


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    agpuleo commented
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    I really like this idea it reminds of the biome based villagers

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    The only name I have a problem with is the Nativagers... just sounds wrong. What about naming them Safarigers or some other Savanna based name... Hyeanagers? Not to mention I like the idea of adding new weapons, but maybe replace the boomerang with the poison blow gun for the Tropillagers, and I do not know what would be a good replacement for the Hyeanagers, maybe just the spear as well? Not to mention that this is not just simply for the pillagers whose main distinction from the rest of the illagers is that they have crossbows, the vindicators have their axes, and the witches have their potions, so maybe a new illager mob for each biome with those specific weapons you mentioned.

    For the Sailagers we can just rename them to Pirate Illagers with the pirate skins and maybe an aquatic ravager... a Whalevager? also how are they going to travel around besides they rowboats that can only hold 2 mobs. They could have slightly bigger variants to the normal rowboat, "long boats" and the Pillager Pirates can shoot at you and your boat with their crossbows, and their long boat would be more durable, but more of a pain to steer.

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    IcyTheminer77 commented
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    Caveagers illagers that live in caves