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(Gameplay Request) Leveling up

under review


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    Blast Burner commented
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    Or you have a chance to find better loot in the chests.

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    I agree, and I've been thinking about this. To get a drop of resources (3-6 blocks, 10-15 each) at each level up, or a chest as you mentioned (3-5 rare items, 1-5 each) would seem to be a really good incentive to go out and level up - otherwise it seems a bit useless. There's no gameplay benefit to level up, not really, at the moment so it doesn't build the gameplay loops up. If a level up reward was given at each level up, it would build up the tertiary gameplay loop.

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    Hopefully this would mean people already at high levels get the leveling loot they missed out on because they leveled up before this was implemented.