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(Gameplay Request) Optional cellular data use

needs info


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  • Official comment

    Hi there,

    As noted by another community member here, Minecraft Earth is playable on wifi already - perhaps we're not entirely understanding your request. Please feel free to clarify for us!

    Thanks for your contribution.

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    evan brown commented

    I agree with this statement

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    CrankySword77 commented

    It 's also good for iPad's and stuff like that

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    EnderFall1089 commented

    I really hope Minecraft Earth doesn't require cellular data. or that they make an offline mode!

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    Actually, it doesn't seem so impossible at all.

    The game could simply cache a city you define, you move around collecting tappables and the rewards would be given to you whenever you get network access again. The adventures probably need more checks to prevent cheating.

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    smpark12 commented

    Agreed, as some kids only have an iPad or something and can't go out to play this game EDIT: even if they don't add no cell data, it would still be a nice feature to have daily "mining" rewards

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    A11v1r15 commented

    Building feature don't need to be online, so managing inventory, building, etc could be done offline. This helps even when you have access to mobile data

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    Add offline mode or make the game offline please Mojang please 

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    I see what you mean and I get how frustrating it is to have to use cellular data but games like that need connection to the internet to work such as using a map to navigate where you are

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    esa es una buena idea

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    chuycarro24 commented

    Así mucha gente podrá disfrutarlo

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    Darrynn commented

    Minecraft Earth requires either cellular data or WiFi with location services enabled. So any phone or tablet that has location services enabled and WiFi can play without a SIM card.