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    Hey there!

    I can assure you that we all are always watching the latest videos. :) However if you think there's one the community team has missed, you can always ping one of us on Discord (probably Helen), or use the green feedback button to contact us directly and make sure we see it.

    We really don't need a new category for that, and it does run the risk of becoming YouTube channel advertisement, which isn't really what we're here for, and breaks our own site rules.

    I'm going to leave this open although the original idea here has been rejected, but how else can we encourage people to post their own ideas and not something from a video?

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    Mania NATION commented
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    Hello Nova :)

    What is the official Minecraft or Mojang Discord? Also just to make clear, i was only suggesting it to remove the option of people crediting videos on YouTube or such and for them to expand on the ideas covered and explored on an idea in the video. Although I'm not really sure what category that would go under: elaborating on a video with your own ideas or explaining the idea like you came up with it along with your own idea to elaborate on the original (with i think is plagiarism although you have your own idea to make it better?). Just to eliminate the possibility of possible plagiarism of an idea, can you include the source, person and video that you got it from (although obviously not the link, as that would be advertisement)? As in, should you include where you saw the original idea even in just a few words?

    Thank you :)

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    Our official discord channels are here:  discord.gg/minecraft