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Welcome beta testers for Minecraft Earth! Please note bug and support issues will be removed, and all guidelines from the rest of the feedback site apply here as well (use search before you post). We will be periodically archiving posts to allow a "fresh start" and feedback when there are major releases/updates to this beta.


A visit mode, rate plates, and towns for Minecraft Earth

under review


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    RomaqRosher commented

    As a factor in this, I'd like to build a farm that I maintain with an "oversupply" of, for example, cooked beef for example, or stone I don't need but may be useful for someone else. I don't want people to tamper with my build, but I'd like some way to allow people to take things out of a specific chest, perhaps leaving a donation. "Give a penny/ take a penny" sort of thing. And ONLY in that VERY CLEARLY dedicated chest for that purpose. If I make a farm and I now have more than meets my needs, why can't I share with visitors so long as they can't tamper with my build?