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Ghast "balloons"


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    Asa Wilde commented
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    I really love this idea. Taking ghasts all the way to the over world is hard and this would make it worth it. But I do think it’s quite op even though it has to be struck by lightning. Maybe you would have to feed it a bunch of phantom membranes as well as having it be struck by lightning

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    We already can just use elytras...
    We are talking here about diversifying the means of transportation.

    On land we have ridable mobs, minecarts on rails, boats on ice, our legs...
    On water we have boats and player swimming... not much but at least those are two...
    But in air... in air we only have elytras...

    Even more, there is no friendly flying mob that is also useful. Parrots aren't really staying in the air for long, just like blazes, bats are useless, phantoms are annoying, ghasts are — a blast of anger, the wither –well– it's the damn wither, the ender dragon is a freakin dragon and bees are just tiny bees... We could actually add colourful "hot air" baloons to the game by using ghasts.

    The process of obtaining them is much harder than it looks. The player needs to bring a ghast to the overworld, follow it so it doesn't despawn (or name it), wait for a thunderstorm, hope that lightening hits the ghast but doesn't kill it, heal the friendly ghast (maybe it can eat gunpowder) and then attract the friendly ghast and equip it with a basket. Even more, the player needs to put a leash on it and tie it to a fence because otherwise it would just fly away in a random direction (like a horse can get lost).

    I don't think it's overpowered but I think it would be fun and quite useful.