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(Interface) Add vertical support

under review


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    VindalfDwarf commented
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    Yes! We need to be able to move up and down without having to dig holes in the real world.

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    Alexmd9 commented
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    Yes, we need to be able to change the verticality to make it easier to access multiple leveled adventures and buildplates

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    nodogsleft commented
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    I look like I'm crazy when I'm pointing my phone directly to the ground during adventures. Maybe make ladders or stairs in this mode allow for the build plate to move either up or down using a button on the interface or your location relative to the stair respectively. Then, ladders could actually have a function in Minecraft Earth. Please fix this!

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    Buggser commented
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    Maybe there should be just physical collision with objects, like when going on the stairs we are actually climbing, or when on adventure we dig a hole, we fall down without in real world interactions.
    I would even agree for passive climbing when in water (or appearance of up/down buttons)

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    Groksch commented
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    Ok what if we had an rope or something where u tap and teleport to the underground. Make some stops on the rope to use it like a elevator so u can discover some adventures in the underground. I hate to be locked to Go down there. Sry 4 my accent im german. ^^

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    IckyDuck99 commented
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    Honestly, the most common sense thing to do in this game, given that all adventures go quite deep underground, is to have some vertical movement mechanics. Without it, you cant really see all of the blocks and some adventure maps seem to step down at an angle making it near impossible to see what's going on. This will challenge users that go in when there is multiple mobs, but for the most part it seems needed and quite the annoyance to get my phone on the ground just to see under the bedrock. It looks ridiculous in public by the way.