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Combat: Dodging


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    Valiant7000 commented
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    I don't think this is needed. Doom 2016 used movement as the primary means of defense, and had no dodge mechanic. The character was just able to move fast enough to avoid things. I find that in Minecraft, we can get out of the way of arrows just fine, so I don't think this is needed.

    Remember that the game is played on touchscreens too. Even something that seems easy (like double tapping a direction) is slower and clumsier in touch controls. Minecraft needs to remain simple. You can have depth and simplicity at the same time.

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    JAGBITE commented
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    Use X or square while walking in a direction. Dodging would work great against arrows, tridents, and the wither boss. Dont let the pocket edition hold back the rest of us.

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    Simpaulson commented
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    This might be a fun concept


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    Thats a incredible idea 


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    The mobility part of combat in minecraft does seems lacking. All we have is a straight forward run and ender pearls. The game doesn't really have all that much strategy to make up for this either. Combat (both PvP & PvE) is mostly just going in, doing as much damage as you can, fall back & eat/heal, and go back in.There's no need to count damage (Like you would if you're playing TF2 so you can evaluate which weapon you should switch to or if you should go for a splash instead of a direct), Duking & strafing doesn't really have a noticeable effect either, and swords are generally the best choice as they have the best possible Dps (Technically the hoe can out dps is if it could have sharpness, had Strength 2 & Haste 1, and had perfect timing [Sharpness V, Strength 2, Haste 1: Sword=20.8dps, Hoe=30.8dps]).