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Add a cloud forest


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    Would be especially cool if they generated at really high y-levels, on the sides of enormous mountains, like real cloud forests. I'm not sure if graveyards fit the cloud forest's aesthetic though.

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    Savary4975 commented
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    In Minecraft Live 2020 we saw a screenshot of the new mountain generation, in this screenshot the clouds are very low and this leads me to believe that the generation will start featuring much higher features. I think it would spawn on top of high rocky plateaus and there would jungle trees on top of them. If this biome where in the game I think it could have a special weather event: fog, fog would be a weather event that makes it very hard to see, it would be white and misty and you would only see the outlines of objects through the fog. I also have an idea for a yeti mob that would be very scary and be about as large and strong as the warden mob from the cave update, although it wouldn't be blind making it very dangerous. Another mob that could be implemented would be the roc, the roc is a large bird of prey in middle eastern mythology that I think would be perfect for this biome. It would be a boss mob that would have a nest high up in the mountains and it would swoop down and pick up the player dropping them from a high height dealing fall damage. Beating the roc would reward the player with a rocs feather which is an item from MC Dungeons, holding it and right clicking would send the player high into the air which would be very useful for elytra flight. This is an edited version of the suggestion I wrote out and then realized that it was already a suggestion, anyways I hope this added to your idea as this would be a very cool biome to have in the game!  

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    neat yet need