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Add Minecraft Launcher to the Snap Store


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    Janus512 commented
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    This is actually a great idea, I'm a linux user and I prefer to play there

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    I came to the feedback forum to make this exact suggestion. I think as a Fedora user I'm supposed to be ferociously in support of Flatpak instead of Snap, but Snap definitely seems to have drawn some big players (other Microsoft products such as Visual Studio Code and Skype, Spotify, Slack, etc) and I'll go with the flow.

    Some other considerations are:

    • Won't have to support multiple Linux distributions. The deb can just be gotten rid of in favor of a snap, and snaps work on Arch so the AUR package can be forgotten about, too.
    • Snap is quickly becoming the default for userland software. As mentioned above, other companies (as well as [F]OSS devs) are realizing the benefits of shipping their software as snaps.
    • The Snap Store verifies publishers. Users can be confident the software that they're installing is coming from Mojang/Microsoft and not some malicious publisher.

    I hope the launcher team takes this request seriously. Having a Minecraft snap would be a huge QOL improvement.

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    rxal12233445 commented
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    I think this would be amazing.

    Here's another point I think some people missed: adding a snap won't allow for piracy. Even though people may be able to get the launcher for free, they won't be able to get the game for free. Gamers will still have to pay to launch the game outside of demo mode. If you make a snap, it will literally only help.