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(Interface Request) Skipping Tappable Animation

under review


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    Clarified subject to help search results. (The word feedback on a feedback site is a little extraneous. :)

    Thanks for your contribution.

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    OtakuBabeTRG commented
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    I totally agree! I was hoping for a shorter animation option , so you see your tappable explode but then it takes you back to your map screen where the items you've received are shown on the side on the screen

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    Potato Mann commented
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    I often have to prioritize what I collect, knowing that in the time it takes to collect item A, item B will be out of range or removed.  Sometimes things you have to travel further to get are gone by the time you get closer, just because the time spent waiting for the nearby items. This would make that much less of an issue.

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    Additionally show the items one of two ways:

    1. After all the tapping to break it is done, tap once more and all items are shown. Then and only then will a button appear at the middle of bottom that says "Close" or "Continue."

    2. Less preferably, skip everything and the items you got show in your inventory with a glowing square around it. When you exit your inventory and then reopen it, the glowing will be gone so you know you've seen everything.

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    smieciokop82 commented
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    It's cool in the beginning but after two days of playing it's very slow and annoying, at least it would be great to speed up the animation.

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    The tappables feel very slow, it’s not about the amount of items, but the animation is very very slow.

    Also the time in between one tappable and being able to open the next is too long. I find myself tapping the overworld for a few seconds trying to get the next. I feel very impatient, but the flow of the game shouldn’t feel this way.

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    fgjfj djhfgj commented
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    Это одна из наибольших вещей, мешающих игре. Полностью поддерживаю. Нужна кнопка в меню включить/отключить данную функцию анимации. Чтобы каждый игрок выбирал сам, получает ли он удовольствие от нажатия (tappables). Или желает пропустить анимацию.

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    FaithWaith commented
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    OtakuBabeTRG I think that would be great even a little animation of it going into the inventory tab with a little chest opening sound

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    PoisonNuke commented
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    not only that I was not able to open a LOT of items due to waiting for another to open, it is very annoying while walking with friends. When I just want to open some nearby items, it takes too much time in the moment and disturbs any talk. 

    And because my GPS is not very stable and jumps around from time to time, I loose orientation on the map because of the long animation time.


    And when using the range boost, its simply too expensive, because 80% of the boost time Im just waiting for the animation.