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Invert the behavior of phantoms.


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    This is good! It forces the player into one bad interaction of another

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    Not to be rude, but that's rather absurd. The phantom was suggested as a "Monster of the Night Skies," and is probably intended to stay that way. It's also intended to give more incentive to players to sleep, which I think it does, given a vocal minority of users want its demise, giving the evidence that they like to go on expeditions and can't sleep then. (They can, and probably should, given they are less likely to die when they sleep and do the thing they're most afraid of: respawn away from their stuff.)

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    I think there is already a cost of sleeping while you are out exploring: it resets your respawn. So if you want to respawn at your base, you have to deal with exploring at nighttime, because if you bring a bed, then you'll be in the middle of nowhere if you die. A risk some people are willing to take. 

    The reason phantoms are sometimes considered annoying is because if you want to do something at night with an open sky, you can't block them off with fences and well lit areas (and don't tell me to cover my base with cats like I already have to with torches; i love cats and all, but that seems absurd). Now if they also spawn during the day, and there's no way to block them? Forget it. 

    The fix for phantoms that I am looking for is you should be able to control most everything inside your base late-game, including protecting yourself from all hostile mobs. But if you want to have a base open to the sky, you can't do this, because not sleeping for many in game days is useful for various reasons, such as increasing chances of a thunderstorm.

    Sorry but I'm not in favor of this idea for phantoms.