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Some improvements to the "Previously Considered Suggestions" list.


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    Not every entry has a "matching post". Some of these are direct comments to the community team to from other members of the Minecraft team. As noted on the page: We have already talked about these ideas and decided they are not a fit for Minecraft for various reasons. Where possible, we've tried to elaborate a little more below.

    Please note, where possible. If there is not a reason, it has been deemed "not a fit" by the team.

    We expect with the upcoming visual refresh (which I'm having a meeting about today), things that appear to be woefully "hidden" , despite being linked on every single category subpage should be visible more.

    I mean, it's at the top of the page and on the feedback submission form

    The character limitations and other changes were announced in a pinned post in the website category, as well as a link from feedback.minecraft.net to that post. 15 May. We got ahead of that change by a couple of weeks because we knew some people wouldn't be fond of it. We also tweeted about it which doesn't count to me because people don't follow me and Twitter is what it is, temporary and fast moving.

    Pinned it there, too. https://twitter.com/novabarlow/status/1128689734341939200

    Honestly, with a community this large, someone's going to miss the news. We don't like that but it happens.

    We appreciate you taking time to leave us your thoughts. 

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    CivetKitty commented
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    BTW, when was the 1500-character limit added? I can't add a lot of details to my points and had to reduce the post length to half. Is this an effort to reduce constructive criticism? I know that the mobile view of the site has oddly thin text boxes, but isn't it better to update the site itself rather than using no-effort loopholes? 

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    Also, let's stay on topic in the comments. :) Thanks!

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    CivetKitty commented
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    Thanks for the clarification. I should've looked through the site more carefully. I have a few more concerns that didn't make it into the main post. A few entries may be a bit triggering for a few people and may need more explanation. For example, as mentioned before, these lines ignore the lack of parity betwen each version. 

    • Colored water is already possible.  "This is already possible in cauldrons, obviously, but when any water is picked up with a bucket it actually becomes a different item called a water bucket." (reference) (August 2018) 
    • Timer blocks/commands, redstone and otherwise

    Also, This comment may cause a bit of controversy regarding the Marketplace and rise the whole "Microsoft is monetizing out of previously free content and baiting out children to open their parants' credit cards" discussion again. A better explanation might be needed to calm down these extremists. 

    • Features that encourage "contest" or competition in the community vs cooperation and collaboration