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/OnEvent (EG /OnEvent entity death @a fall_damage run say Oof)


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    Personally, I would prefer it more as /event <event type> add <command> as you can have the command be run by the entity experiencing the event, and at the position of the block.

    So for your saying oof, it would be /event death.fall_damage add execute if entity @s[type=player] say Oof

    Then, you could have /event <event type> add <command>, /event <event type> list, /event <event type> query <command>, and /event <event type> remove <command>.

    So the add will add the command to the event, list lists all commands, query returns true / false for a given command, and remove removes the given command.

    Perhaps instead of command, you supply a "key", and then remove the key.

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