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Spider Queen (Founded in caves)


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    SirFurryWawa commented
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    Yes I’d love a broodmother, since there are no overworld bosses

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     I think this is a great  idea that should be add it to Minecraft 

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    Magikey commented
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    It would be great because now the Bane of Arthropods enchantment would finally be useful. I want it to be a very strong and big mob, though.

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    RoyalRex2 commented
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    I want a boss like this, and was actually going to suggest it! Suggested tweaks: Web spinning would be similar to guardian beams, in that a thread can be traced back to the queen and that it takes time to create a cobweb on a block. She would have two attacks: a dropping or slashing one from her abdomen or legs and a pouncing or charging one that deals poison damage. At 2/3 of her original health, she would summon spider minions and accelerate web spinning. At 1/3, she would summon cave spider minions and accelerate her web spinning more. I hope you like my suggestions!