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Surf Enchantment (Shield Enchantment)


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    RedEnterprise commented
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    You probably should balance it in a way to have it not fully replace boats.

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    Purrfly5 commented
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    Maybe a chance of falling off?

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    I really like the concept of surfing on a shield, but it needs a drawback to make sure it doesn't replace boats. Personally I would make it faster than regular boats, but only last for about ten seconds. After this point, the player would fall off, back into the water. Even with this nerf, it would still be fun to try out and utilize when escaping an island that's been overrun by mobs.

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    DigitalDrei commented
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    What if it kept going without stopping, like riding a pig? That would be an interesting nerf

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    SuperPupies commented
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    What if the durability of the shield would lower as you used it, similar to soul speed?