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Saving states of worlds without copying worlds.


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    > "there is a different button"

    Moved to proper category: User Interface, Input Methods and Menu Options

    Thanks for your contribution.

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    RellikPD commented
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    Like a "read only" feature. Where you can load the map "normally" in creative/survival/whatever.... but when you want to "GO WRECK IT!" you can load it up on "Read only" mode... that doesn't actually "save" anything...? 
    If I get what you're saying, this isn't a half bad idea. I literally have multiple Test Worlds, and a backup folder, and even got a customizable backup-program specifically for things like this...  Sometimes I want to test a small change in a survival world, I either have to load a test world and "fake it" or copy my world, try it, then delete the copy.

    I don't see, entirely, how much of a hassle, or priority this would be for programming. But I like the idea none-the-less

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