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Give Steve and Alex personalities and identities beyond"default skins" (P1)


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    If Steve and Alex truly are these unimportant, lame, unappealing, quickly disregarded "default skins" then why on earth would you use them in marketing material for the game and why on earth would the merchandise featuring them get made and evidently see commercial success since you keep putting merchandise of them out to the public?

    I don't think this is fair, personally. People evidently like these two and would like to see them more given the commercial success of all the merch featuring them, requests for them to be included in other Minecraft games such as Story Mode, Dungeons, Earth and even requests for them to be included in crossover games such as Lego Dimensions and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

    Did the folks over at TTGames come to you and ask to include Minecraft in Lego Dimensions only for you to turn them down because "Steve and Alex are just lame skins" despite the fact players of Lego Dimensiosn saw the lack of Minecraft and Steve in Lego Dimensions as a "glaring omission"?


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    What if Nintendo was to approach you guys about including Steve in Super Smash Bros? A game that is supposed to be a celebration of the history of video games, something Minecraft is 100% an important part of given it's icon-status, long lasting global popularity and the fact it's has served as inspiration for several other start-up game developers given it's literal rags-to-riches history, the fact the game is so open ended it's been converted into a teaching tool for schools and has been a direct inspiration for games like Subnautica, Fortnite and Nintendo's own The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    Would you turn that opportunity down because "Steve is just a default skin?" despite all of that and the fact Steve has begun to see support from members of the Smash community and the Minecraft community for him to become a playable character in Super Smash Bros? Ask yourselves this: "Would people even want him in Smash Bros. in the first place if he was just a quickly discarded unimportant "default skin"?"

    I really hope you guys will take into consideration what I've said and reconsider your stance on Steve and Alex, and allow them to take centre stage and becomes Minecraft's true mascots!

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    Calev Berger commented

    Steve and Alex are also in the #jrpg posts from Minecraft's Instagram.

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    I agree

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    TheCJBrine commented



    If Mojang didn't want a huge portion of their fanbase coming to love Steve and Alex as separate characters from the player themself instead of just being default skins, then they never should have treated them as separate characters in the first place.

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    TheCJBrine commented

    A whole lot of people love Steve and Alex and Steve gets a lot of attention in particular, yet even with a Steve Smash Bros. animated moveset getting over 100k likes with others and even non-Smash stuff getting tons of likes, and Steve getting a spotlight in a few crossover things like Super Meat Boy (albeit he was called Mr. Minecraft in that game) as well as Mojang's own official stuff like the 2011 Minecon trailer and promotional material, the fans seem to get ignored while Steve and Alex only get acknowledged from time to time.

    There's even that Steve and Alex series by Blue Monkey among other fan content...

    They're their own characters now, and people love them. They could still be treated as silent protagonists, but at least use them in more stuff like Link from Zelda where the player can technically still assume themself to be the same as Steve or Alex if they wanted to, but they'll be in more stuff and actually be animated on their own instead of these random new characters in everything (new characters are cool, but where are the main faces of the game at?).

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    DaisyDratini commented

    Steve is one of the most recognizable Gaming characters, up there with Pikachu and Mario. And I feel that because most people use their own skins, That the default player skins should get some reason to be beloved since they are already recognized.