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Keep god armor enchantments (stackable protection)


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    james hagan commented
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    Yes we need this. Mojang should stop making major changes in minor releases.


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    I know they had this in minecraft 1.14.2, and I also believe they had it in 1.14.1, most servers, (like prototech) are saying they are going to stock up, prototech for example said that they are going to get 1,000 sets of it, and convert it into netherite, Mojang, please bring back the ability to make protection IV projectile protection IV, blast, etc armor. I think it would be really fun to try to get all the enchantments onto an armor piece without going over the "Too expensive!" tag, and then use the grindstone and try a different strategy, I want it back, and so does everyone else, that way, people don't have a reason for falling behind in 1.14.2, which I can now never do again.

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    order007 commented
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    Agreed, it's incredibly unfair to have to compete with players on vanilla servers who have this armor. Had it been in a pre-release it would be a different story as not many servers use them however it's impossible to revert now. Furthermore hardcore players are now at an incredible disadvantage compared to other players that played during the window of time that this was possible.

    Please change it back Mojang or at least do something so it requires something like Netherite to do so