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Villagers need to respawn in villages.


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    fort nite commented
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    You can cure zombie villagers to restart a village so you don't need this 

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    Star Stramel commented
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    We need them to have the ability to respawn!!  I want to see Villagers respawn in proper living environments, places that qualify as Villages.  They are one of the only mobs in the whole game that don't seem to ever respawn or regenerate in a natural cycle, and with Mojang adding new hostile mobs to the game, it is harder than ever to find villagers, let alone keep them alive.  They get eaten by Zombies, stung by bees, fall off cliffs, shot by skeletons, drowned in water, or even wander off and get lost, never to return. Additions such as the Drowned have also wreaked havoc on villages that spawn near water and have devastated entire villager populations since they are there day and night.  I have some games where unless I go into creative/peaceful mode, villagers are extinct. Sometimes they are already extinct before I find them in a new game.

    This is a problem, as it is incredibly hard to find and rehabilitate villagers that have turned into zombies.  Even if you CAN find one and rehabilitate them, you need to actually have at least 2 and keep them alive long enough to get them back to a village and make them want to breed.  In many cases getting villagers to become willing to breed requires a LOT of remodeling and planting.  All this, along with protecting them from both themselves and their surroundings, is a lot of work and hours upon hours of gameplay.

    It should not take up such a huge chunk of my playtime just to have a functioning village!

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    I agree! I just survived a raid with ONE villager-that promptly got killed by a skeleton later that very night. I saw a suggestion of bringing in new villagers from another village by boat or minecart, but that's incredibly tedious and not very practical.

    What if a child spawned and you had to care for it(feed and protect) into adulthood(say 3 days or however long it takes for young mobs to mature). I would be okay with that. Hard? Yes. But infinitely less tedious and certainly less costly than trying to transport one from another village. 

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    LadyPashta commented
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    Absolutely agree. This is ridiculous, I found an empty village not too long after I discovered it. There are too many things killing villagers!