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Pillagers' AI and behaviour upgrade sugestions:


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    I think you meant AI, so I fixed that.

    Moved to proper category.

    Thanks for your contribution.

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    I have an idea for an illager update

    For starters,pirates,the shipwrecks we find at the bottom of the sea shows that there is some base for the existence of them
    In the boats you can find treasure and a map of pillager cities,bases,you can only find them in said boats
    Once you find the cities you have to fight new types of illagers like the guards,wich have shield and swords;pirates,wich have swords and crossbows, along with the other regular illagers without exeptions.
    Secondly there is a mod that creates a fully functional ship wich you can create with blocks,this alows the player to transport a great amount of items,this wont hinder the regular boats we have already in the game since they are small and can manuever in tight spaces