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Better horses idea (horses stats change)


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    Jayla boyd commented
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    Can the horses go back to the way they used to look like

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    I don't know where else to really put this, but since it's horse related I've come here. Is there a possibility horses can go back to how they originally were, when they looked like Mo's creatures horses. They had more depth and didn't look as bad. I used to use horses a tone more before the update because I couldn't get around without feeling off because f the designs. They looked better how they used to appear, legs with two sections, head flat and not with a drop at the muzzle, legs, once again, extended outward subtly in order to show depth, rearing, the opening and closing of the mouth. The armour makes them look bad as well now with the new models, and I've seen a lot of People on LogDotZip's channel in the horse comparison video that greatly miss the old models probably just as much as myself and a large portion of the minecraft community. (I apologize for the length of this but it really does irritate me how they downgraded horses just to up textures and stats, but I'd prefer the old ones over the new ones any day.)