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Horses should have more items and more breeds


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    honeybunny300 commented

    Hi I love horses so I think this is an amazing idea 


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    snydergwendo commented

    I think that with that, you could add mining ponies and a way to connect Minecarts. Don't get me wrong, I like your idea, I'm just posting an addition. 1 mining pony can pull a train of 3 minecarts. If you add a fourth one, it won't budge unless you put another mining pony in front of the pony. You sit in the front minecart and signal the pony to go, or stop, it will always follow the rails once connected to a minecart.

    I would also add harnesses, that can be found in dungeons or bought from the tanner like a saddle, and they're needed for horses to pull things.

    I'd also add the coldblood horse, it can pull a carriage. On the carriage, you need to decide wether it can transport 4 double chestsor 6 entities. You need 2 coldblood horses for pulling the carriage.


    I would also add arabian horses. They're rare, but they have either full jumping or speed stats. The other stat is not as high as the highest stat, but still pretty good.


    Edit: about the poles, I wouldn't add specific horse jumping poles, I would add just poles that are as thick as fenceposts, and can be placed vertically and horizontally, like the endrod, when placed vertically, they don't turn into fences, the player and humanoid creatures can walk through, but no animals. And the poles match the wood types.


    About the saddles, I would make saddles dyeable.