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Improve food chain


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    JackAttackA1 commented
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    I like the idea, just have a few problems:

    • Zombies shouldn’t re-attack Zombie Villagers to turn them into Zombies. The whole point of the Zombie Villager is to give a chance to the player to cure it.
    • Zombies and Zombie Villagers shoudn’t attack Pillagers, Evokers, and Vindicators. My reasoning behind this is that Woodland Mansions are dimly lit, encouraging Zombies to spawn in them. I feel like Zombies and Illagers work together, and that is a part of the “Story” of Minecraft.
    • If Mojang were to add Zombies attacking Illagers, they should not turn into Zombie Villagers. It doesn’t make sense. An evil Villager becoming kind after resurrection from the dead? I think not. 😐

    Although, I like the idea of an improved food chain!

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    mmm I don't get it