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Villager Advancement and Repopulation


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    I would also like the idea of villagers expanding their villages, but i personally think that this should be linked with the quest suggestion, where if you complete quests, like a gathering quest for wood etc, the villagers then create new buildings with the available resources if they have enough. 

    Don't get me wrong, it would be cool if the villagers expand on their own, but this might put a lot of strain on the game. Minecraft is already pretty resource intensive and not everybody has space computers. Mods like millenaire is infamous for this and the reason why i'm droning on about it is because i would like this feature on all platforms, including those that don't have the power of well built space computers.

    Villagers already put a lot of strain in general on the game, so baby steps. If they can get something like this to work, id never ransack the villages or leave them again.