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The Rogue/Bounty Hunter


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    Some Animal commented

    I love this idea, it is very balanced compared to other village-like protecter mobs. And like how little the interaction with the Player is. I do have one idea that I think there should be. They should mount horses, and sometimes spawn in groups of 2-4. And seeing as how they can't place blocks, perhaps they store extra loot in Donkey's Chests or Llamas. It would further integrate Donkeys and Horses which currently have little use. Also, a question, why do they only attack the player until they have half original health? What if you only have one heart? Will they drop their sword or bow in favor of punching you to only take half a heart? Oh yeah, can they use all weapons? Like Bows crossbows, Axes, Tridents, Shields, Swords. It would be nice if hey could.

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    So it is sort of like a guard/soldier villager profession then. I like it.