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Villagers should throw poisonous potatoes at players with low reputation.


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    Some Animal commented
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    I like infinite poisonous potato option, because just seeing them grunt isn't very entertaining.

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    good idea

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    lol! I like that.That would actually have a consequence for being a terrible person and would finally give the poisonous potato a use, other than the composer.

    I could imagine they would hurt too.

    Villagers would no longer be peaceful. I would have to fit them in a Passive category.

    I would also love it if villagers used the useless spud to pelt Illagers with. I would be less inclined to harass the villagers.

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    Mandragorad commented
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    While it looks fun i don't think the potatoes should deal damage, it kinda goes against the "live and let live" mentality of the villagers, they're traders not fighters

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    Zinc Shepherd commented
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    This is a great idea, and I really want to see it. However, I believe that the potatoes shouldn't do damage same as eggs and snowballs.

    The devs have clearly stated that the villagers would never fight anything, and I think they would be more open to the idea if the potatoes were more of a protest then a defense mechanism. 

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    I do love the idea of villagers exhibiting a little more personality, but I think that throwing them at players might be a little out of character for them, the peaceful-to-a-fault and charmingly dumb mobs that they are. I do like the idea in the thread that it could be a sort of protest. Currently, if a player holds an emerald, the villagers display their wares. Perhaps if the player's popularity dropped low enough, they would display the poisonous potatoes, or perhaps toss the item at the ground in the direction of the player if one were to attempt interaction? I think it would be pretty funny to see them toss a rotten potato (the item, not as a projectile) at you as a sign of their disapproval and annoyance at your presence. This way, they are not fighting or dealing damage.