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Food Expiring & Preserving (With Honey)


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    Page 1 I imagine the apiary GUI with a slot for empty glass bottles and a slot for the jars filled with honey, with a furnace type arrow between them, which would show how close the bottles are to being filled. Honey jars would be stackable. If you wanted the apiary to produce honeycomb, then there would be an option in the GUI. You would not need bottles for input. There would be a limit to the storage space in the apiary itself, such that you or a hopper would need to collect it before it would produce more. If honey is ever used for anything, the empty bottle would stay in the input slot, similar to milk with the bucket staying in the crafting grid. If you put honeycomb and a bottle in a crafting grid, it would make one honey item, but this would not be the most efficient way to obtain honey. Finally, instead of the particle effect from the apiary, I do imagine a bee mob, which would not be used for swarms because this could cause lag, but any hive or apiary will, shortly after sunrise, spawn a few bee mobs which will wander and look for flowers. If they find an unoccupied flower, they will land on it, stay there for a short time, occasionally a new flower of the same kind will appear nearby if there is space, and the bee will then go back to the hive or apiary. If it is an apiary, the arrow will progress partially.

    [please put bee specific feedback in the Bee thread, thanks ~ admin]

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    Ohtacaro commented
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    I had a very similar idea a few years back. It was based on harvest time to easily calculate when food had gone expired.

    If the food was in a chest that had ice in it, it would last longer. If the food was coated in either sugar or salt, then you could extend the life of food. 

    My idea was that salt would be a mineral nearby an ocean or obtainable through filtering water. 

    Not sure if you could work these ideas into what you currently got. But I would love to see a proper food system to teach people to not take more than you need, cause then it will start to go bad and that would be food waste. It is a big issue in todays society and Minecraft itself could be a way of learning these small skills.