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(Existing Content) Halo Mashup pack update


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    Sokol Reborn commented
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    Also I feel with an update, they should retexture a few things, like the Villagers, Bow, and Crossbow.
    The villagers should be UNSC personnel, since the Villagers are your friends and they are portrayed as blood lust and war hungry apes, don’t make sense. The pack feels more like a blob of Halo content and not something immersive that you can create, because of course it’s for creative, but people like to do lore plays on here and that’s a good feature.
    Also change the bow to an Assault Rifle, since our crosshairs is a assault rifle and because most people make builds based off of the UNSC, so it'd make sense. Which then you can retexture the skeletons to be flood marines, which would be cool as well.
    Then the Crossbow could be a Covenant weapon, especially since their are mobs who use it, like the pillagers so itd be way more immersive. Sorry for the long list, tried to make a post of my own, but stays on pending approval unfortunately.

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    Honestly, in my opinion, if they made a deal with Rooster teeth, it would be amazing, bc my 2 favorite series of all time are from them, Red vs Blue, and RWBY.

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    I really don't like the fact that Pandas and lots of other mobs just got this forerunner look. They coulbe be made to look like some of the hundreds of exotic animals already introduced in the series.