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(feedback site) Default: Sort by new; Archive old posts.

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    We are definitely thinking about technical improvements that would allow users to choose their own default views (like this) when logged in. This, however, will likely need changes within the software itself. We know that every "default" view has advantages, and disadvantages. We know this system should probably be left up to the user. That requires technical features in the profiles and views that do not currently exist.

    We do know that the default "top votes" has resulted in less duplicate posts. That's a win, less moderation time for me means more interaction on threads and more time to communicate hot issues to teams in a faster way. :)

    It's not the best win, but it's an achievable one.

    We do know that sort by new only encourages people to "idea spam" so that their posts are the only posts seen at the top, every single day. (With a long history of community and moderation, I assure you this is not a new phenomenon, and our team has "been there, seen that", regardless of community size :) ) Still, some people like that view.

    Some people only want to see things that are actually under review. Or things they're following. Or certain categories, and nothing else.

    The ways people interact with the Minecraft feedback site is fascinating.

    We are happy to let you know that there are ways coming that will help surface more ideas to view that are coming with our visual refresh (date has not been announced, stay tuned :). We are going to implement things such as this.

    I really look forward to seeing how that helps surface posts that currently don't get enough deserved "airtime", and how people like (or don't like) that.

    Things like this have also been suggested.

    We do not believe that 'more is better' when it comes to posts OR comments. :) Some ideas are simple, and good. They don't need a lot of discussion. We don't want people feeling like they need to "game the system" to get views/votes/attention. (People will always feel like this regardless of what we say to the contrary.)

    With regards to expiring posts, we are open to ideas, but understand that certain topics have a "slower growth", and given the relative negativity that occurs when any idea is removed, we are unlikely to pursue any ideas that "retire" older posts in favor of newer ones in the near future. Still happy to leave that open for discussion if as a community we can help devise a system that is fairly driven, though. In the meantime, we'll keep working on improvements to search and sort that will help make the task less daunting for folks that want to contribute in a good way.

    Also, people can - and should - vote on their own posts. Mods don't need to fill that function.

    Still, there's some technical issues involved here as noted up top, but definitely something that's solvable to a small degree once people have the tools that don't exist available to them right now to choose their own views. The rest has given us a lot to think about. 

    Thanks for the feedback! :)

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    AlacasterS0I commented
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    TL;DR: You're really just gonna have to read it bruh. 

    Growth should be measured by votes per views, a view by opening a post. Votes that occur after some amount of time multiplied by the number of characters should be worth more, when calculating which posts are growing faster, not the posts value. If the sorter does it's job that will work itself out. But presentation should be as logical and as creative as possible. This isn't extraneous it resembles the necessary complexity a sorter should have. This forum could be revolutionary. (probably not it's just a suggestion form.) You've kind of already helped with this by only allowing voting when a post's page is opened, this would compliment that. 

    I wasn't aware of the the decrease in duplicates or idea spamming with non-sort-by-top methods, but that doesn't negate my suggestion. What I was saying is that only the top two posts are new/growing posts while everything else is sorted by votes. Or maybe sort by votes first then rearrange a couple to be closer to the top along with that, if they are growing, by moving them up a couple of places if they're growth exceeds a certain threshold as I've said before. I see no reason to not do this as it is only an improvement on the sort-by-top method.

    The expression that calculates a posts growth should keep a post on top if it gains many votes but doesn't increase in growth speed. For example, if only two posts qualify to be on top and one post get's so many votes that it's growth speed no longer qualifies it to be on top it shouldn't be taken down, if it's growth speed isn't slowing down, as in votes per view. But I suppose you could solve that by considering if it's on the first page or not.

    But there's still one problem, and my solution to it gives moderators a little more power than the average user to influence votes while not being cheaty. how do you get your first vote? Since mods look at everything they can vote on it and since its vote/view ratio would be 100% boom, on the front page, for a little while.

    Actually I'd like to make a change, with my strategy posts would be immune to time, if posts near it (under it) gain significantly more views than it, it shouldn't be up there, but that won't affect it's view/vote ratio which is a problem. So, take the post off the top if also it's page view/post view ratio is too low. This consideration wouldn't be as harsh as it's growth rate in general though. I wouldn't do it purely by time unless the website gets consistent and large amounts of traffic. 

    If anything, moderators should be notified of posts that do qualify in this way, to see if it would be fair to them to stay on top. 

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    tryashtar commented
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    The biggest problem in my opinion is that posts with many votes get artificially more votes because they are immediately visible. This further compounds the sitewide issue that the number of votes does not correspond to the number of people who want the idea, therefore using it to determine priorities is flawed.

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    AlacasterS0I commented
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    that's kind of my point...? yeah. you could edit your post to elaborate but make sure you read everything, any feedback would be useful. explain why my solution woudn;t work. everything as in every comment

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    tryashtar commented
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    I'm agreeing with you

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    AlacasterS0I commented
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