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Wild boar


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    SlySurvivor40 commented
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    Intresting...I always thought there should be Boar in Minecraft instead of pigs. Or just as a wild variant of them.

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    When you play a music disk near them, they calm down and start walking off and you can get the advancement/achievement: Hakuna Matata!

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    truggles1 commented
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    Maybe neutral but during nighttime they attack unless you give them mutton, goats meat, or beef.

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    Strongly agree, there should be wild boars/pigs, they would be neutral during the day and hostile at night, passive on peaceful. They would attack if you hurt them, and would be neutralized at night by feeding them mutton, or goat meat. They would sound similar to hoglins instead of regular pigs. Boars could be bred and piglets would be passive, until they grow up. 

    The boar would be brown in color, have small tusks like those on piglins, and should be thinner and taller. Here is an example photo of what one could be modeled similar to.

    As in real life, wild boar meat is more tender than pork from domestic pigs, it should give you 4 food points raw or 10 food points cooked, and also give 25% more saturation than regular porkchops.

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    AceAero377 commented
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    I was thinking it could be a retuxtured Hoglin for the overworld.