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map sharing with realms (free)


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    Clarified subject to help search results.

    Thanks for your contribution.

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    Yeah we definitely need to be allowed to transfer from system to system for FREE. I can't stress that enough.

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    CraicLad commented
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    It's crazy because we already have to pay again for each platform we download on, but then when you try to play a world on your mobile that you play on your console you can't without paying, and then you also need a solid internet connection. I play on Xbox but often travel and want to take my world with me. All worlds are already saved online as well as on the Xbox, so just give us the option to upload and download the worlds across devices. At the very least, we should have an option to save a world to OneDrive or the likes and an easy, in game way to download your uploaded world onto each device when you want to play it.

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    Or even just build an option within the edit world options beside copy and delete to upload world. Then you can search for cloud worlds on your other device and download them, similar to what you do if you want an old version world to go to bedrock. All versions store worlds online already over an internet connection so you can play them on the same account when using a different but same type of device (eg 2 different xboxes or switches)