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Wandering Trader needs to buy stuff as well.


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    I agree, they're not really traders unless they buy things too. Plus the things they normally sell are completely useless. They're basically just really annoying sources of free leads at this point.

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    I think it mostly makes sense that the Wandering Trader's stock is stuff he gathered himself wandering the world, so he wouldn't be willing to buy anything he can find himself, like plants. BUT you can't imagine him mining into deep and dangerous caves, or going to the End or the Nether, so perhaps he could have a chance of being willing to buy these rarer resources from the player. If he was only willing to buy non-renewable resources, that would keep him from becoming an infinite emerald generator you can just sell farmed items, but still allow players who don't like to go to villages or build their base in remote areas to trade with him.

    Example of non-renewable items he could buy with emeralds are sponges or calcite, or the new amethyst shards (they are renewable but not easily farmable). Or he could offer a diamond-to-emerald exchange.