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Any Tint Color on enchanted items


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    I think we can take advantage of the Smithing Table for this.  Currently its only use is to upgrade Diamond to Netherite, which doesn't make a lick of sense anyway.  Maybe create another item for an enchantment specific dye?  Off the top of my head:

    Glowstone Dust + Dye
    Maybe call it something like Pixie Dust.  Could also be used the same way as redstone but for artistic patterns, like sidewalk chalk.

    Enchanting Table: Book + Dye
    Replace the lapis on an enchantment table with a dye and create some kind of Tome of Color.  Maybe it comes with actual enchants, maybe all it does is recolor the enchant effect.

    Enchanting Table: Replace Lapis with Dye
    Cutting out the middleman as it were.  Instead of requiring lapis as the magical element, require dye.

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    Why an enchanting table?  I think an anvil should be used instead.

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    @William Miller, Because an Enchanting table is magic. Endless possibilities about it. The enchanted particles can be merged with Dyes. Apparently, you can extract dyes into tint colors using a magic source. Both Hammer and Anvil are both just physical. It would make stains on the sword, bypassing the enchanted particles. Magic particles can convert a regular dye to a rune dye, and the rune dyes can change a enchanted particles' color. Science of magic.

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    By that logic, anvils shouldn't be used to combine two items, because it doesn't make sense to pound one sword into another to make it more powerful.