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To talk about dungeons IN the current game of Minecraft, please use the Structures category. Feedback for Minecraft: Dungeons, an all-new action-adventure game, inspired by classic dungeon crawlers. Please note when Minecraft: Dungeons is released, all threads in this category will be archived so we can talk about released features.


open world aspect of minecraft dungeons


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    Pascal Anema commented
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    I agree with this. A world map you can freely move around is the best option for minecraft dungeons. It should definitely not be as limiting as minecraft story mode was, but it also shouldn't be procedurally generated like minecraft is, since it's a game with a story and minecraft itself already has dungeons (so making minecraft dungeons procedurally generated would make it too much like minecraft or Skyrim).

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    EJ H commented
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    i feel the same way.

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    Thats a good idea. It needs a world map