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The Smog Heaps—A new Nether biome w/ mobs, blocks (Concept art included)


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    You like the concept art, the mobs and blocks are interesting, however I think that the Smogling Storage should remain infinite. It would already be hard enough to have many of the bottled smoglings if they take up one slot in your inventory and do not stack. If the smoglings were to be released without your consent as well, it would make them more trouble that they are worth. They already don't do much damage, doing a maximum of 6 prior to their death. If they are stored en mass, it wouldn't be too much of an issue. If you are perhaps hoping they aren't spammed against a boss, allowing its easy death, remember the smoglings will turn on the player afterward, and the work required to aquire many smoglings, not to mention the very little damage done by a smogling before death.
    TLDR; I like this post, but bottled smoglings shouldn't release themselves from their bottles but shouldn't stack.