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Endermite Revamp, Making Them Useful!


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    Some Animal commented

    I like the idea of the endermites turning into 'endoth' perhaps you could find a better name? Also, the leather armor with silk kinda lost me. Also the goggles and what they do are neat, (I've had a similar idea except with elder guardians) perhaps they should drop feathers and phantom membrane.

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    hiy miu commented

    @Some Animal well endoth is end + moth, but I will try to think of a better name. It is expensive considering you have to defeat the ender dragon, go to the end islands and find one and it gives you only iron armor points. I thought about phantom membranes but then i thought it was strange due to it having "phantom" membrane but feathers sound good!


    Thank you for the feedback!

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    Some Animal commented

    I did understand the End+moth= Endoth, however, it isn't smooth to say. Small gripe, I know. But I see the sense in giving the Endoth a good drop. They should probably drop enderpearls as well. And the phantom membrane was because the elytra comes from the end and Endoth are in the end and the Membrane fixes it. 

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    how about behe"moth"