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If you'd like to see existing mods come to the Bedrock platform, please contact the talented community creators of these mods and ask them to take a look at the modding API documentation at http://aka.ms/minecraftaddons Bugs, requests for specific existing mods, feature lists, and support issues will be removed. Please put mashup requests and copyrighted content requests in Marketplace.


Add an option to Reload/Refresh for behavior & resource packs (Feature Request)


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    i laveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

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    MrBonono commented
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    I really want something like this for troubleshooting addons.

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    Virus5600 commented
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    Yeah, the pain of having to leave and return back just to load it is just infuriating. Especially if you're one of those creators who only have a low to mid-tier devices. It would also be great if they add a debug report or crash report if something isn't working.