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Pillagers should attempt to steal from chests and collect mob drops


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    But they should at least drop the picked up items, when you kill them, so you don't start all over again.

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    Matt D commented

    It would also give you the opportunity to make some clever traps for village defense, trick them to open a chest and then drop them into lava or whatever.

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    According to the Minecraft Wiki, Pillagers actually have an inventory in their NBT. Maybe this is where they store the equipment they steal. I think they should also replace their existing tools if they find better stuff.

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    LegoJohnRoss commented

    Or they put the items in the chest at the outpost.

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    Some Animal commented

    Very nice... But how about only on Expert Mode... if it comes out. Allowing people to opt out.

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    I agree, this could make for more singleplayer usage of traps that require interaction, and even some that don't.  Like luring a pillager to a chest, and they hit a tripwire which sets off a floor trap dropping them in lava or into an explosive pit lined with obsidian.