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What is parity? This category is designed just for features that exist but work one way on one platform, and another way on a different platform. Bugs are not parity! Please read the intro post before you post!


(Java Parity) Have Squids Spawn In Rivers, Instead Of Only Oceans


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    I’m sorry, but I disagree because Java Edition could just remove Squid Spawning in rivers and squid in real life do not live in rivers. Also, the difficulty may kind of be the point, ink sacs are very valuable in the “Paper” area of Minecraft.

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    Baddogy244 commented


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    High Hopes5 commented

    I completely agree with silent. While i understand keeping to real life to an extent i feel that since squid and the wither rose are the only way to obtain black dye. I feel it should be a little bit more accesible.

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    The user is completely right. It's so expensive and hard to make an ink farm. Spawning squids in rivers should be considered. Spawning squids in rivers would offer much more easy play-ability and fun. I hope the developers would reconsider this.

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    I desagree too, it is annoying to have squids everywhere. Instead, Java Edition should be like the Bedrock Edition, with squids only spawning in oceans.

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    Dinorauria commented

    I want the opposite, make it so squids don't spawn in rivers. And more importantly, improve their path finding so that they don't end up crashing onto the shoreline and dying a stupid death.

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    Agreed. Black ink is WAY too much of a hassle on Bedrock.

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    ChefRayanePGM commented

    I'm agree with @ZillionBeret512 ! We don't need squids in rivers

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    I had to travel 3000 blocks to find an ocean just to get squid because of this stupid difference. In Java, I could go to the nearest river (never that far away) and get them. I wasn't dying anything. I just wanted to write in a book. I basically traveled 3000 blocks for a book & quill.