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World Gen Option (Small)


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    Azrhei commented
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    Bring back custom world gen and add more features like biome selection .

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    jumpred commented
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    This could make exploration much more interesting, as variety would be much greater, and it would optimize the game for older computers, as a smaller file could contain all more biomes for resources and a general look for different builds. 

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    Yes, it is a very useful idea! I doesn't like the villages and the dark forest biome. :(

    Plus: enable/disable option to the generated structures.

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    I would like to have an option to generate worlds with a biome size between default and large. Indeed, I find that the biomes are actually too small to be immersive, so I sometimes play with the "Large Biomes" option, but in this case, journeys are way too long and boring. An intermediate size would be perfect. I saw that large biomes are 4 times bigger than normal ones, so I think 2 is the best intermediate factor.

    As KonamiCodes suggests a "Small Biomes" option, maybe the best would be to have a cursor or something like that to choose the biome size within a range of values or between selected ones. In fact, it was the case before 1.13 : it was possible to choose a value between 1 and 8, default size was 4, current large was 6 (so it was possible to choose 5). Source : https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Customized