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A way to detect if the player is wet (underwater or in the rain)


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    CharlieGregg commented
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    This is possible by summoning an armor stand at their position then /spreadplayers as it always puts you on top of all blocks (Rain can only happen if you are on the top layer already.) Then execute them to execute all armorstands within 1 block to set a Redstone block at your desired position then have them to to the closest armor stand. Meanwhile have a timer going for mabye four ticks just enough for you to be sure the process is done then attach an and gate with the timer and the desired position from before. Then you kill the armorstand and you have an ITPIRD ( Is This Player In Rain Detector). Wow that's a long one.

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    I forgot to mention that you can then attach another and gate and a command block that checks what block they are in and make it water.