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Give Minecraft Java Edition multi core support


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    LPWRobert commented
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    Man, I can't express how much I'm craving for this to be implemented. Just think about it, PCs from ~10 years could actually run Minecraft!




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    Ethan Wilson commented
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    I am aware that multi-threading is not an easy thing to achieve with anything, let along a game that has thousands of things happening with it at once, but if it can be done with Windows, why not Minecraft? ;2)

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    FatalAcacia commented
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    I am going to make a detailed post and yell at Mojang to garner more support for this! I have an 8 CORE PROCESSOR and Minecraft is running at a measly 60-80 FPS. WHY?! I don't have shaders, mods, texture packs or any add-ons that could possibly cause lag, and those frames are unacceptable.  I give you full support. (BTW, My specs are radeon rx 590, Ryzen 7 2700X @ 4.2Ghz, 16 GB RAM, and 550W PSU for adequate power delivery.)

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    kemot104591 commented
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    I want it too. One of my 16 threads is nearly on 100% utilization, but the rest only about 15%.

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    CraftOnABox commented
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    My 16 Core CPU is rocking this game at like 67% and the rest are all at like 5%.

    If they allowed for mulitcore support we could have render distance to 64 or 48 or so!

    They should also talk to the devs of:

    Fast Craft


    Cubic Chunks

    And incorporate these all into 1 Performance update.

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    CodingCookie commented
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    This would be especially helpful on AMD's Ryzen CPUs as Minecraft performance there is lackluster to say the least, to be honest. While an Intel Core i5 can run Minecraft Singleplayer with 32 chunks at 100 - 200 fps (vanilla), my Ryzen 7 2700x has frames drop below 30fps at that render distance. Ryzens are alot better on multithreaded operations than on single-core ones.


    It's probably very hard to implement this, though.