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A better way to assign professions to unemployed villagers


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    I have been struggling with new villagers since the day the update came out. The whole idea of the new villagers to me sounded great. 

    They don't seem to work. I rage quit the game after struggling to rebuild my trading hall. At first i did not mind. But the current system seems unworkable. Not a programmer. But am thinking the idea may have been just to big to achive.

    I killed off most of my old villagers. After only getting 2 of 15 to work with 1.11.0. And 11.1 seemed to lock remaining into what ever state they were in. I dl old save off realm. Saw that 11.1 did lock profession. But lost the 3rd book on every librarian. Became book and quil. 


    Decided to kill the old ones off and rebuild trading hall.

    But when i had 4 villagers set and locked with station and bed. And a zombie walked by and 2 quit using bed and station. Meaning they did not refresh trades. After 4 days of not being able to play minecraft because i was stuck playing glitchcraft. I rage quit game. A pop up asked me if i was enjoying the game. I naturally said no. I had already reported the bugs. I was requested to post feedback by the popup. 


    I typed up a long and lengthy description of what had happened. Saw other posts expressing feedback. After calming down i did add a comment with more detail and some valid suggestions. The post was pending.


    It has since been deleted. I guess they don't want honest feedback on how frustrating this is.


    I described 2 paths. Either scapping the new aspects of villages and villagers and revert back to doors and old style perma born professions.


    Or doing the following. 


    Keep the new trading menu and price thing. I would still like to see the option of glowstone as well as dust. Playing survival i buy a ton of glowstone to light up builds.


    Either bring back doors or have beds act like doors. Number of beds or doors sets breeding limits. Beds or doors follow the same mechanics before on range and village recoqnition. This should be a quick fix since it has already existed. Then you would have simple method to define a village and ctr of village.

    Along with this. Get rid of the idea of locking a villager to a bed. It makes as much sense as locking a door in old village so that only 1 villager can use it. Villagers can sleep in a bed if one in village is available but should not be a requirement. Just make it simple and reduce risk of current and future bugs that will make game suck like it has for me last few days.


    With that trades should reset every new day cycle. Regardless if bed was used. This again is simple and less likely to bug out and make game suck.


    On professions. I suggested that all non nitwit villagers. Even unemployed villagers to have a menu. And in that menu you can select the profession you want. Again simple to keep game working and not sucking.

    Or have villager in cart/boat or walking. Locked in room and so on. Will take profession of closest reachable station. And have option in trading menu to lock and unlock that profession. I don't like this since the last 6 days have cured me of my desire for new villagers. And if not going back. Want something that will work and be bug proof.


    The idea of villagers locking a station seems a bad idea in application. Think villagers being able to share station is easier and more bug proof. If a villager has a path to a station they should be able to use to refresh trades. But don't lock them. This will remove the crap i have been dealing with. If they don't have access to station. Then they won't refresh until next day. Again this will make the game diminished not broken if or more likely when the next bug tries to cripple the game.


    I also asked for game setting for classic villagers villages like ps4 had for classic crafting. I can't begin to explain how much damage this had done to my enjoyment to the game. Then to find they deleted the comment. 

    My realm subscription is almost up. If not fixed soon thinking about not keeping it. And looking at hytale as option over glitchcraft. And if they keep deleting feedback might not wait for even that.