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Cross Compatibility


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    AzaanDeen3473 commented
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    It's not a simple suggestion, bedrock is coded in c++, while Java uses Java. If you want to cross play, then swap to windows 10 Minecraft.

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    HunrixMata commented
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    you can get a free copy of minecraft bedrock edition for pc from minecraft.net but its not available on mac but once you have it you can play on pc while your sister on mobile :)

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    EppuK commented
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    you can't do cross-play with windows 10 and java because windows 10 is coded with c++ blah blah blah.


    You can translated it

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    Pirateboy04 commented
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    @TheIronSniper1 Ok, but what about non-Windows players? I use a Mac, and other people may use Linux. There is not a Bedrock edition available for Mac or Linux.

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    ESTEBAN1303 . commented
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    En realidad puedes hacerlo pero tienes que buscar la forma de hacer un servidor que sirva de traductor de ambos idiomas de programación

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    LinsaFTW commented
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    This was already made by some programmers community. I don't remember the name of the project, but they made a server that sends packets in form of Java/Bedrock depending on the client that connected.


    It would be nice that this comes with the base game instead.